Atlanta, Georgia

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I’m Kristen, a graphic designer and custom-lettering artist based out of Atlanta, Georgia. After spending most of my childhood covered in glitter and paint, my parents encouraged me to explore art courses throughout high school, which in turn lead me to study Graphic Design at the University of Georgia. I received my BFA in 2010 and worked hard to establish a freelance career, officially launching my own company in 2011. To help me take breaks from constant computer time, I try to find ways to include non-digital elements in my work (watercolor, acrylic, calligraphy, etc) whenever possible. Those hand made touches add an organic quality that I love infusing into my work.

When I’m not designing you can find me exploring life with my better half, Jon-Michael! He’s a crazy talented photographer who does his best to keep this messy cat lady in check. (You can read about how we met here!) Together we travel to fun places, challenge each other creatively, do our best to not kill our ever growing collection of house plants, and raise a super snuggly bunch of cats.